Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Your Flesh Invitational #1

So, here's the deal: on Sunday August 31st I've put together an evening's bill of fare at San Francisco's Bottom of The Hill. I believe it is a fine line-up of bands and a solid representation of the kind of artists this publication's been supporting since 1981 to present.

I'm cautiously optimistic there will be enough of you who will be in town Labor Day weekend--not off frolicking naked at Burning Man--who'll want to support this small-time event. Ideally, with your support, this can be an annual event as it'd be fun to curate one at the same time of year, each and every ensuing year hereafter, but in a different city every time around... and keeping it at a modest and humble level.

Admittedly I figured, with Your Flesh having gone from a long-standing print concern to approaching nearly two years as an exclusive internet function with zero heralds of the trumpet or accompanying publicity parades, this came about as a good suplemental excuse to make a little more of a formal effort of it... I mean if the Village Voice can have their Siren Fest and Pitchfork their "Spork-a-thon" (or whatever they call it) and make spectacles of themselves, what's to stop us from being self-important too? Right? Yeah, right...

Trust me: this will be a lot more fun then either of those things could ever be. For starters ours ACTUALLY features bands you WANT to see, not the suspect dreck they're telling you you have to see....Clap Your Hands Say Yeah? Nah, don't think so, chappies!

Got some great drink specials going on too and its a three day weekend to boot so hangover on Monday no problem. Thing will be a blast, rest assured... Got Oral B of the defunct Icky Boyfriends emceeing the thing... should be a hoot.

I suspect most of you are familiar with the bands on this year's bill (or most of them) so gonna assume you don't need me to delve into the why's and wherefores 'bout their, er, em.... credibility. Nonetheless, this being our debut blog entry I've cobbled together some of the requisite necessaries to give you the broad strokes just in case you ain't up-to-speed--and hopefully stoke you in the process... All the bands were kind enough to grant limited time freebies on each one of these cuts, so if you don't have em, get em while they're hot (be more stuff like this in the future too, so stay tuned)... and or familiarize yourself with the acts you're as yet unfamiliar with...

Check it:

Great article by Franklin Bruno here.
Play or Download "I'm A Bug"

Excellent live review from the essential Victim of Time site here.
Play or Download "Cheer Up Switch"

Nice piece out of their hometown rag, Chicago Reader here.
Play or Download "Private School"

The Your Flesh assessment of their debut full-length here.
Play or Download "Army of Ideal"

And we spoke kindly about them here.
Play or Download "The River"

See you Sunday August 31st. That's LABOR DAY Sunday... Doors are at 7:30. Music starts 8:30 sharp. You have to be the legal drinking age. It's only $12.

Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th St., San Francisco, CA 94107 / 415.626.4455


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